Airsoft Private Bookings

We now offer Airsoft Private Bookings!

We are up to 15 Full auto AEG Airsoft rentals now.

Private bookings will be available any day of the week, sun up til sundown, Just like Paintball. 

Field Fees will be $30 per player with their own gear.
Or $45 per player if they need rentals.
Full Face & Ear Protection will be required.

Minimum of 6 players required to make a private booking.
Max 13 rentals.(I'm keeping 2 back in case a gun/or 2 goes down)

3 hour Time limit will be be in effect for Airsoft private bookings!

We Currently have Airsoft Walk-Ons on our scenario fields every second Sunday!
These are walk-on style games so anyone can join in, you dont need a group! 

Airsoft games start at 2PM.

2019 Game Dates:
Sunday April 7th (Weather permitting)
Sunday April 21st (Weather permitting)
Sunday May 5th
Sunday May 19th
Sunday June 2nd
Sunday June 9th
Sunday June 30th
Sunday July 14th
Sunday July 28th
Sunday Aug 11th
Sunday Aug 25th
Sunday Sep 8th
Sunday Sep 22nd
Sunday Oct 6th
Sunday Oct 20th (Weather permitting)
Sunday Nov 3rd (Weather permitting)

Field fees are $20 per player.

Airsoft Walk-Ons

Coming Soon - As of Sat July 5th - We will be offering Walk-On play for Airsoft Every Saturday!

1PM -6PM Just like Paintball!

Until then, we will be sticking with out Sunday schedule!
We will not be over lapping the Merrill Dunes games!

So please, Keep an Eye on the Sunday Schedule!

Once again, If they are playing On Sunday At Merrill Dunes, We will Not have Airsoft that Day!

We will Not have Walk-On Airsoft on July 20th & 21st during Merrill Dunes Operation Loyal Serpent.


We have Full Auto rentals available for $25.

Bio BB`s available on site:

.20g 5000ct $20 (Reg. $23.50+ tax)
.25g 5000ct $25 (Reg. $28.75+tax) 
.28g 5000ct $30 (Reg. $34.50+tax)
.30g 5000ct $40 (Reg. $45.74+tax)
.32g 2500ct $25 (Reg. $28.75+tax) 
.36g 2500ct $45 (Reg. $49.75+tax)

(you may use your own bb`s, but please guys Bio BB`s Only!)


Pictures provided by our local players, lookin good guys!