DNC Paintball Is Going To Be Open June 27th!

Welcome to the website for Divide N Conquer Paintball.

We are located 17 minutes west of Saskatoon, SK.

Please feel free to give us a call for booking info.

We do price match any other Saskatchewan Paintball Field`s prices!

2019 June 1st, Drone footage of DNC Paintball Field.

I would  Like to give a big Thank You to Jamie at www.precisionsky.cafor the wicked footage!


May 9, 2018


DNC 3v3 



Players will be broken into 4 Divisions;

Div 1 Experianced CPPL Players

Div 2 Guys/Girls that practice speedball regularly

Div 3 Scenario players

Div 4 New Players

Div 1 & Div 2 teams will play eachother.

Div 1 & Div 2 will share a prize pool.

Guns Chrono`d to 299 FPS or Less.

Div 1 teams will lose 1 player when playing against a Div 2 team.

(2 - Div 1 players Vs 3 - Div 2 players.)

Div 3 & 4 teams will play eachother.

Div 3 & 4 will share a prize pool.

Stock Bt4 Combat/Tippmann 98 Markers only.

(free rental provided if desired.)

No pods or pod packs allowed.

Hopper ball only.

Guns Chrono`d to 299 FPS or...

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