DNC Paintball Is Going To Be Open June 27th!

Welcome to the website for Divide N Conquer Paintball.

We are located 17 minutes west of Saskatoon, SK.

Please feel free to give us a call for booking info.

We do price match any other Saskatchewan Paintball Field`s prices!

2019 June 1st, Drone footage of DNC Paintball Field.

I would  Like to give a big Thank You to Jamie at www.precisionsky.cafor the wicked footage!


June 17, 2020

With the release of the Phase 4 dates we will be opening the field as of June 27th 2020!

We are still waiting on the details on how many people we can host at a time & any extra restrictions/safety measures we need to take.

However, we at least now have a date on witch we can get the ball rolling.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

March 11, 2020

 Sunday May 31st 2020

Sunday June 28th 2020

Sunday Sep 13th 2020

Come get into the action!

August 19, 2019

Hey guys n girls,


Thank you Douglas Leonard Brecht for hosting it again this year!


We will still have Airsoft Sunday the 25th!

The rest of us Paintball Players all headed out Asquith Paintball for the Annual Big Game!

So, come on out the big game and play with us!

I am going to be the general for the Red Team this year!

We nearly lost to George Lewko`s Green team last year!

Gonna need some good troops if were gonna pull off another win this time around!

Registration at Asquith Paintball Opens at 8AM!

Game starts at 11AM!


May 29, 2019

Hey guys n girls,

We are now offering Airsoft Private bookings 7 days a week, just like Paintball.

Full Face And Ear Protection is required.

Also As of Sat July 5th We will be having Airsoft Walk ons 1PM-6PM every Sat!

As of Sat July 5th Full Face And Ear Protection is required for all of our Airsoft games.

March 17, 2019

Hey guys and girls!

We are happy to announce we will be open for the 2019 season as of Sat April 6th.

(As long as mother nature doesn't throw us any curve balls.)

With walk on play starting at 1PM every Sat and Sunday, and private bookings available 7 days a week.

This will carry on until sometime in October once the snow returns!

Cant wait to see you all again!

October 29, 2018

Hey guys n girls, its that time of year where we start shutting down for the season.

We will still be running Private Bookings, until the snow falls.

Walk-Ons from 1PM-6PM will no longer be available until our 2019 Season begins.

UNLESS  we have a firm commitment form 6+ players on the Divide N Conquer Facebook Page saying they will be out, on a specific day/time.

Thank you all for helping making 2018 our very best season Ever!

August 16, 2018

Hey guys and girls,

We will be closing our field and heading out to Asquith Paintball, that's just down the road from us on Aug 26th, for the annual Asquith Big Game.

This is a 200+ player Big Game!

You are all welcome to join us!

Entry is $30, and you can bring your own paint to the event.

We will have paint on Sale Sat Aug 25

th at DNC for use at the Asquith Big Game.

Its going to be a great event.

If you need more info on the Asquith Big Game please contact Doug Brecht at Asquith Paintball 306-329-4404 or 306-227-5240.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

May 9, 2018


DNC 3v3 



Players will be broken into 4 Divisions;

Div 1 Experianced CPPL Players

Div 2 Guys/Girls that practice speedball regularly

Div 3 Scenario players

Div 4 New Players

Div 1 & Div 2 teams will play eachother.

Div 1 & Div 2 will share a prize pool.

Guns Chrono`d to 299 FPS or Less.

Div 1 teams will lose 1 player when playing against a Div 2 team.

(2 - Div 1 players Vs 3 - Div 2 players.)

Div 3 & 4 teams will play eachother.

Div 3 & 4 will share a prize pool.

Stock Bt4 Combat/Tippmann 98 Markers only.

(free rental provided if desired.)

No pods or pod packs allowed.

Hopper ball only.

Guns Chrono`d to 299 FPS or...

April 17, 2018

Hey guys and girls!

Its that time of year again.

We will be officially opening the field for walk on play April 28th!

Every Sat and Sunday 1PM- 6PM we will have walks ons.

Same great prices as last year!

Lots of new updates coming to the play area this summer too.

Come check it out!

See you all soon I hope.

November 2, 2017

Hey guys and girls, were officially closed for the 2017 season.

Its been a great year and we had a ton of fun with everyone.

We will be open again in April of 2018 depending on the weather.

(Once the snow melts)

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

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