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If you are coming out to play.. please make a booking!

Hi guys,

We have been super busy the last few Saturdays.

We keep running into issues with people coming out for Walk-Ons with a group of people, and not calling in advance to let us know.

So far, we haven't had to turn anyone away.

However, this Saturday June 19th that will not fly, we are completely full at 1PM.

We will not be able to accommodate extra players this Saturday June 19th, that do not currently have a reservation.

Next Saturday, June 26th, we are in the Same Situation.

Please Make A Booking If You Are Coming Out To Play.

Even if your group is coming out to play walk ons, Make A Booking.

Its incredibly difficult to have the appropriate amount of equipment ready, and staff available when we get hit with multiple groups of people we had no idea were coming out that day.

I never want to turn anyone away, when they come out to play.

I don't want to wreck your day.

Please, when your making your plan to come out and play -Let Us Know Your Plan Too!

Its been amazing to have everyone wanting to come out to play.

I appreciate you guys, and I just want to make sure your day is as great as it should be.

Thank you all again for coming out to play at our field.

Chris Viguie

Divide N Conquer Paintball



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