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DNC 2021 Season opening soon..

Hey guys and girls, been getting a ton of the same couple of questions.

So I will do some quick Q&A for you.

Q: When will DNC Open in 2021?

A: We are waiting on a bit more of this snow to melt so we can access the property, once that happens we have to get in and do some maintenance.

If the weather cooperates, we are looking at being open the 1st or 2nd weekend of April.

Q: What are the Covid-19 rules this year?

A: I spoke with Sask Health Authority on Mar 17th & they told me:

1. Our maximum # of players per group will be 30 players.

2. Keep sanitizing everything like we did in 2020.

3. Covid facemasks are only required at indoor locations, However they are Highly Recommended.

To enter our trailers/seacans you must be wearing a Covid mask.

4. Social Distancing 6+ Feet Apart is a big thing.

Please try to respect this, so we can all play paintball this summer!

More updates coming soon.

Almost there.

Cant wait to see you all again!


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